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Our Mission

Improve the care of patients who must use low molecular weight heparin to treat or prevent a blood clot.​


  1. Increase accessibility for health care professionals who would like to refer their patients for initiation of low molecular weight heparin.

  2. Educate health care professionals who want to learn more about these programs and provide a template for those who wish to implement their own venothromboembolism first dose program.

  3. Share useful patient information on the internet that is not readily available.

  4. Showcase the pharmacist’s ability to improve patient care, reduce health care costs, and collaborate with other health care providers.

About Us

Clotassist is based out of the Shoppers Drug Mart North Hill Centre.   It is open 24 hours, and there is always access to a pharmacist who can deliver these services.

Pharmacists in Alberta, through a rigorous certification process, are able to obtain the ability to prescribe medications.  They are unique in the Canadian landscape in their ability to access and review laboratory values, give lab requisitions, administer injections, and prescribe.  


We believe that services such as this one represent the best possible future for the profession of pharmacy.  

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